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Language Options for 11th grade

Please complete this survey to determine your interest in languages.

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Benefits of IB and College Acceptance

NC Governor's Board Press Release

How an IB education can give your college-bound student an edge

The Syllabus: Good news for IB students

The following results are from an International Baccalaureate study from 2011. Compare the columns of "Overall Acceptance Rate," and "IB Acceptance Rate," to show the dramatic increase for student designated as IB students. 

College Acceptance Rates based on Student Survey


The following link provides examples of college credit awarded based on the IB scores per subject area.

IB College Credit for US Universities


Middle Years Program and Diploma Program Videos

Diploma Program Video
MYP Video


CAS collaboration with Weddington Hills Elementary




CHS International Baccalaureate Contact Information

Middle Years Programme Years 4-5 (9th and 10th grade)
Career Related Programme Co-Coordinator

Megan Wingfield
Diplomma Programme (11th and 12th grade)
Career Related Programme Co-Coordinator  

Marie Deal                   
704-260-6000 extension 11606